This page answers the questions you may ask yourself before becoming a member.

Established in 1921 in Paris, France, CIGRE is a global community committed to the collaborative development and sharing of power system expertise. The community features thousands of professionals from over 90 countries and 1250 member organisations, including some of the world’s leading experts. At its heart are CIGRE’s 60+ in country National Committees offering diverse technical perspectives and expertise from every corner of the globe.

CIGRE operates the world’s foremost knowledge programme, spanning 16 domains of work encompassing all the core areas of the power system. Across these domains 250+ Working Groups draw and build on practical expertise to solve existing and future challenges facing the power system.

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VISA or Mastercard. 


Once you complete the join process your membership rights will open for e-cigre.org and ELECTRA.

  • e-cigre.org is the world's leading power system technical publication library
  • ELECTRA is CIGRE's digital magazine 

To get free access to these membership benefits please follow these steps:

1. Please go to this page on ELECTRA and enter your email address.

2. Fill in the short form.

3. Select 'Yes' for 'are you a CIGRE member'.

4. Enter your new membership number.

5. Then follow the prompts. The login you create will work on ELECTRA and e-cigre.org.

Yes if you wish to join as a student, as an under 35 member or Collective II – Educational Institute, you will be asked to submit appropriate verifications.

CIGRE has 60+ National Committees (NC) around the world. When you join CIGRE if there is a NC in your country you automatically join via that organisation. Members from countries without NCs join via a Central Office process.

Membership is offered on a calendar year basis. Some National Committees allow up to 6 months free membership in your first year.

Your NC or the Central Office will contact you to prompt your renewal.

There are individual and collective memberships available at CIGRE, the price varies by country. Find out more about membership types and joining here.

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